June 24, 2017

5 Benefits of Living in The Villages

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Sunny Central Florida is home to the most active retirement community in the country, The Villages. Conceived over five decades ago, this community has grown in mammoth proportions under the guidance of its creators and residents. Visitors and tourists have often referred to this community as “Florida’s friendliest hometown,” and this place has lived up to its name.

Recreational Options

The Villages offers several choices when it comes to entertainment and recreation. Most of the costs are borne from the monthly amenities fee that is collected from the residents. This hometown offer endless options of having fun and the residents embrace them with happiness and satisfaction.

Golf is the predominant activity in this part of the world amongst the countless activities available. You could take your pick from activities such as:

Arts and Crafts: ceramics, painting, woodworking, quilting, etc
Special Interest Groups: astronomy, scuba diving, photography, language, etc
Social Clubs: gardening clubs, singles groups, nationality clubs, dance clubs, etc
Health and Fitness: sports, swimming, dance, etc

5 Benefits of Living in The Villages, Florida

There are numerous reasons for you to be a part of this gated community. Some of the benefits that you are likely to experience during your stay can be found below.

1. The Villages offer no dearth of entertainment and recreational opportunities. They have something for everyone and the only trouble lies in choosing on a daily basis. They have established their own unique lifestyle that is both vibrant and exciting. Live entertainment, movie theaters, shopping and dining, and many other options are available to its residents.

2. This is a self sufficient community and residents need not go elsewhere for want of just about anything. From medical and professional help to games and recreation, it’s all included as parts of living in this age restricted community. There are also several companies that have set up shop here that offer excellent employment opportunities to the community’s residents.

3. The majority of the residents in this hometown are senior citizens who have grown to appreciate the safe and secure environment that The Villages has to offer. This place is well known for its lowest crime rates in the country. In fact, it’s easily one of the most comfortable and convenient places to live in all of Florida.

4. You can find both stylish, contemporary homes and quality pre-owned homes and villas in this community. You could also choose to have a dream home of your own design constructed at The Villages. while the first choice has professionals neatly designing structures and amenities, the second option makes use of decades of popular floor plans with meticulous touches. Home prices start at $100,000, with many homes going north of a million.

5.Residents of this community belong to more or less the same age group with shared interests and needs. This makes bonding with your neighbors easier and encourages a harmonious relationship which is a major feature of this community.

The vision of The Villages has been to develop a retirement community where residents can materialize their dreams of the ideal golden years. Every step and action initiated in this friendly community has been targeted with this purpose in mind.

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