June 24, 2017

Beaches Near the Villages

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The Villages, Florida, is an age restricted, gated community that is well known for its active, socially involved lifestyle. It attracts a lot of visitors; some people come to admire the scenic beauty of the place and others wish to see and experience first-hand the famed activities that the community offers.

Whether you’re living permanently here or you’ve just rented a house, make sure that you take time to visit the beaches along the Florida coast. Most of them are about a couple of hours away by car; you could easily drive there and back. The beaches also make for a delightful picnic spot where you can enjoy the sun and the sea.

Ideal Beach Conditions

In Florida, during winter, the average temperature is about 65 degrees, but most of the days are sunny in almost all seasons. Often, in summer, you’ll find the area drenched by showers in the mid-afternoon, providing a welcome respite from the heat. This mild and balanced weather attracts people from all over. If you’re the kind that loves the sun and surf, there are a great many beaches located close to The Villages.

Beaches close to The Villages

The location of The Villages to the northern side of Orlando is ideal to visit the area’s prime attractions, which includes quite a few beaches, too. The Daytona Beach is around 70 miles away from this community; its hardly a 90 minute drive. Eatons Beach is another alluring tourist spot. Here, you could swim, hike, fish, do some boating or just go lie on the beach under your beach umbrella.

If there’s one thing that can spoil the beach for you, it’s rain. So, you’d do well to avoid visiting Eatons Beach during July when it’s raining most of the time. Rather, plan your trip for October, when there are minimum chances of rain.

Close to Eatons Beach, is the wonderful Hampton Beach, a relatively tranquil spot. But for the really quiet beaches, try moving west towards the Gulf of Mexico. About an hour away from The Villages, you can find Crystal River and a further hour away, you’ll come to Clearwater. Both these are enticing seaside spots and a dream-come-true for beach lovers.

The Hernando Beach and Fort Island Gulf Beach are also located in the area close to The Villages. With the calm waters and white sands, they are an ideal place to relax with family over a picnic hamper. You could even try your hand at some water skiing. Not interested? Well, just laze on the beach as the sun lulls you into deep slumber.

West Central Florida beaches

The beaches in West Central Florida are picturesque to say the least. The location is also calmer – there’s lesser traffic to beat, chances of violent weather are low, the crime rates are lower than in most other parts of Florida.
People living in The Villages are twice blessed. Firstly, they live in a place with a landscape comprising of rolling hills and lofty pine trees. As if that were not enough, they also have the option of relaxing on the glorious beaches of the Florida coast.

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